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Squad Equinox (since Sep 07, 2017)
Rank Assistant
Last 3 Squads fu inc.    Sweet    Potenza   
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About Me

Age 33
Location Nova Scotia, Canada
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found ?find i.d.

Things I Like 
Movies Movies suck. Favourite shows: Peaky Blinders, Wentworth, Ripper Street
Songs HeavyDirtySoul, Fairly Local, Lane Boy- 21 Pilots, Metallica, Prodigy


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Wookiee's Cookies Oct 22, 2017

OMG, Canada FTW!

pee pee sock Sep 29, 2017

suk me tit and ride me doggy style

Cres Mar 06, 2017

tiger if u EVER address me as lowercase cres ur fkin finished u heared me bud

Cres Mar 06, 2017


LOLOLOLOLOL Jan 19, 2017

i wanna tongue punch your fartbox

Tiger the crab Dec 10, 2016

cres wud u mind explain urself?

Cres Nov 12, 2016


ChocoMoco Nov 01, 2016

howdy i.d

Cres Oct 22, 2016


Cres Oct 19, 2016


Mani2312 Oct 13, 2016

OMG Nova Scotia FTW ^_^

Healt Oct 13, 2016


Healt Oct 13, 2016


Healt Oct 13, 2016


Cres Oct 06, 2016


Deft Oct 04, 2016

shame about your internet, hope you come back one day!

Cres Oct 04, 2016

haf u heard remix of ariana song side 2 side? SUK 2 SUK

pee pee sock Oct 03, 2016

I would like to fondle u someday. if interested

Rasaq Oct 03, 2016

What does that even mean?

Paradise Sep 17, 2016

u look HOT. water u fkn waring tho

Deft Sep 08, 2016

marry me?

Deft Sep 02, 2016

watch out she's not to be trusted

Major Crisis Aug 31, 2016

Why would I remove the best contribution to my wall? Just suk me already.

Major Crisis Aug 31, 2016

Yea.. Spamming my wall, thats what u did!

Shaun Aug 18, 2016

Yeeee thanx bb girl

mad jack the pirat Aug 18, 2016

Best cartoon ever.

Major Crisis Aug 18, 2016

U wish.

Cres Aug 15, 2016


Cres Aug 15, 2016


Cres Aug 15, 2016


Major Crisis Aug 13, 2016

no u.

mad jack the pirat Aug 12, 2016


Inmate Jun 13, 2016


Welfare Jan 12, 2010

i heard izor lost his virginity to you before you got married

Volcom Jul 21, 2009

I'd hit it.

Sakura Jun 27, 2009

i.d. best girl staffer =D

KillerGt Jun 06, 2009

Dude she's married, take it ez

Corleone May 29, 2009

Hey Steph, your as cute as I imagined! :D

infrared Apr 11, 2009

just found this while browsing for hot chix, 9/10

Skilder Mar 22, 2009

cute steph !